Fine Options for the Girl Clothes Shopping Now

Your young girl has grown up well. She must (already!) Get ready for her prom. This opportunity to wear a dress is very special and deserves to be given time and energy. Indeed, apart from rare receptions (weddings, galas), it is rather unusual nowadays to find yourself in a situation requiring the wearing of a chic dress. Here are some tips that will help you find the perfect ball gown!

The budget

Not everyone has the same financial means. It is therefore impossible to impose a specific amount for this purchase. Depending on the store, you’ll find pretty dresses for less than $ 100, but you could also spend several hundred dollars! In order to avoid disappointments and skirmishes during shopping, you should advise your teen of the amount you are willing to pay in total for this occasion. Take into account not only the dress, but also accessories such as shoes, jewels, satchels, hairdressers, etc. When you get the girls clothes then you will be getting the best deal here.

It is best for your daughter to know in advance what to expect, rather than being denied the dress of her dreams in front of the shop assistant because the amount displayed exceeds the amount you can afford. By cons, you could of course offer to participate in the purchase, past a certain amount. Many young people now have weekend work or have some savings.

Where to find the ball gown of his dreams?

Before starting to search, you should ask a few questions:

  • Does your daughter want a trendy style or does she prefer a princess dress with sequins and ribbons?
  • Short or long dress?
  • Will she want to keep this dress and postpone it on other occasions?
  • Is she open to running vintage and recycled laundry shops?
  • Is she the type to create her own style or adhere to the trends of the year?

Renting a ball gown

Once you know a bit more about your intentions, you can start your search. If Mademoiselle dreams of a princess outfit worthy of those worn on the red carpet and wishes to dazzle the gallery it may not be possible to buy, but nothing prevents you to rent the dress! There are many shops that offer this service. You should find happiness in bridal shops that usually rent bridesmaids outfits for a good price ($ 100 to $ 200).

Thrift stores

If renting a dress does not enchant your daughter, you will have to sacrifice and book a few shopping afternoons. It is possible to find beautiful and original dresses in thrift shops “chic”, but this is not everyone who likes the idea of ​​wearing a recycled dress. Talk to her or take her to a shop so she knows what to expect before she says no!

Finally, it is possible to have your daughter make a unique custom dress. This option will of course be the most expensive, but it can be interesting if you can afford it.

The accessories

They are the ones who will give style to your teen: accessories allow everyone to express their creativity and can greatly enhance the overall look of an outfit. Thus, two girls could wear the same dress bought at H & M for $ 75 and look totally different!
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